About us

Three sisters striving to provide a nurturing and innovative platform that is accessible globally to everyone that wants to priorities their worldly life by reconnecting with Allah (SWT) and Islam. As married sisters, we have families and young children, living aboard in the west (which has been difficult at times) we knew we had to do more to nurture our hearts to gain closeness to Allah (SWT). As concerned mothers, we decided to come together to form Dua Healing to be our guide as well as our childrens’ guide in this ever changing world that sometimes contradicts with our core values and beliefs as Muslims and citizens of the world.

Our Aim

A beautiful platform to heal and nurture your soul through gaining more insight knowlede about Islam and its virtues. Dua Healing aims to give you access to lots of different Duas for everyday life situations whether it being hardship, struggle or simply remembrance/Thikir of Allah (SWT). We aim for Dua healing to be the positive energy source for your soul to reach ultimate contentment in your everyday life. Dua Healing is targeted for men, women and childing wanting to embrace Islam and gain knowledge

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